Entomazan instructions for use for cats, the drug entomosan with

Entomozan C is a drug whose action is aimed at combating ectoparasites that occur in animals. This product can be used for disinsection of premises. The composition includes an active and potent component - cypermethrin. Entomozan is a concentrated emulsion with a light yellow tint. You need to prepare the product before use.

The drug "Entomozan" is designed to combat parasites that live on the skin of animals

Entomazan instructions for use for cats, the drug entomosan with

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Cattle and small ruminants (including milking), horses, deer are sprayed with 0.01% (1: 1000) of an aqueous preparation at the rate of 2-4 liters per animal with psoroptosis twice with an interval of 10-14 days, against ixodid ticks - during the whole grazing season with an interval of 9-10 days.

Sheep with psoroptosis are bathed in a bath using 0.01% (1: 1000) aqueous emulsion of the drug for prophylaxis once, for therapeutic purposes - twice with an interval of 10-12 days. Duration of bathing is 50-60 seconds. To maintain the working concentration of the active substance after processing 300-400 unshorn or 400-500 sheared heads, 2 liters of the drug emulsion concentrate are added to the bath for every 1000 liters of the cup solution. After bathing 1000 sheep, the contaminated emulsion is poured into settling wells, the bath is cleaned of dirt and filled with a newly prepared emulsion.

Pigs with sarcoptic mange are sprayed with 0.05% (1: 200) water emulsion of the drug at the rate of 0.5-1 l for therapeutic purposes twice with an interval of 5-7 days, with a preventive one once. The auricles are especially carefully treated. With hematopinosis of pigs, animals are sprayed with 0.01% (1: 1000) aqueous emulsion twice with an interval of 5-7 days.

Fur animals with entomoses are sprayed with 0.01% (1: 1000) water emulsion of the preparation at the rate of 10-50 ml per animal. The processing is carried out twice.

Dogs - the wool and skin of animals are moistened with a working emulsion of 0.01% (1: 1000) water emulsion. Moistening is carried out using a sponge, tampon or brush, applying on the skin of the animal in stripes, first from the head to the tail, and then along the sides and the white line of the abdomen. With demodicosis and sarcoptic mange, the treatment should be carried out with 0.05% (1: 200) water emulsion every 7-10 days, until ticks disappear from the scrapings. For the treatment of otodectosis, the drug is instilled into the external auditory canal, trying to moisten the entire surface of the auricle. Both ears are treated with an interval of 5-7 days.

Poultry (chickens, including broilers, layers, ducks, geese, turkeys) when affected by downy eaters, ticks, disinsection of premises is carried out in the presence of a bird 0.05% (1: 200) with an aerosol water emulsion with a flow rate of 25-50 ml / m 2, without violating the technological regime. No more than 2/3 of the total area of ​​the premises is processed. Poultry and equipment are not handled. In case of severe damage by downy eaters and lice eaters, it is allowed to treat birds with directional aerosols (coarsely dispersed), using a 0.05% aqueous emulsion of the drug at the rate of 15-30 ml per individual. Processing is carried out twice with an interval of 8-10 days.

To control flies at various objects of veterinary supervision, a 0.1% (1: 100) aqueous emulsion of the drug is used at the rate of 0.5 l / m 2 of the surface of the premises, both in the presence and in the absence of animals. In summer camps, flies are destroyed by selectively applying emulsion to interior and exterior walls, sheds, pens and other insect containment areas.Disinsection of premises is carried out by spraying with 0.01% (1: 1000) water emulsion with a flow rate of 80-100 ml / m 2, using an aerosol method using a working emulsion of 0.05% concentration with a flow rate of 20-40 ml / m 2 of the treated surface.


(*) Note: 1. Thoroughly mix the calculated amount of the preparation with 2-3 volumes of water 2. Pour the resulting concentrated emulsion into a bath or into the reservoir of the spray device 3. Add the rest of the water to the container, stirring thoroughly


The use of entomosan C in for the treatment of chicken feathers can cause poisoning with the active ingredients of the drug. Intoxication manifests itself with the following symptoms:

  • deterioration in appetite, complete refusal of food;
  • tearing;
  • weakness, lack of habitual activity;
  • labored breathing;
  • convulsions, trembling;
  • loss of orientation in space;
  • violations of coordination of movements.


In severe cases and in the absence of experience in providing assistance to birds, it is advisable to involve a veterinarian for treatment. But, if the symptoms are not very pronounced, you can help the layers on your own. What to do:

  • Exclude contact of the bird with poison.
  • Introduce enterosorbent through the beak (the same that is used for people - smecta, activated carbon, enterosgel).
  • Drink abundantly the bird with clean water or a weak solution of baking soda (½ teaspoon for 3 liters of water).


Symptoms of poisoning completely disappear in 3 days if you provide the birds with proper care. But it is better not to allow poisoning, because chicks, old and weakened birds may die.

Preventive treatments should not be used too often. They will be replaced by effective prophylaxis and maintenance of proper sanitary and hygienic conditions in the house. If all the rules for the use of drugs are observed, the risks are minimal!

Instructions for use Entomozan C

One of the most effective drugs designed to combat parasites living on the body of animals is Entomozan C. Also, this drug is often used to treat premises. The drug is available in 2 ml ampoules and vials, the volume of which is 50 and 500 ml. The product is sold in the form of a yellow emulsion, which must be mixed with water in the proportions indicated in the instructions. The drug is diluted just before use. Improper preparation not only reduces the effectiveness of the drug, but also side effects may occur.

More about the drug

The drug Entomozan s is a drug that destroys fleas, ticks and other insects. The drug is quite popular because:

  • able to clean the room from insects;
  • cure animals of fleas or ticks.

It is used to kill all insects that can parasitize animals, as well as to prevent infection. The composition includes 20% pyrethroid permethrin and excipients that improve its effectiveness and contribute to a long-lasting effect. The medicine is a light yellow transparent liquid with a faint odor. On contact with water, it turns into a white emulsion. In the photo you can see that the drug is supplied in several packages:

  • plastic bottles of 50 and 500 ml;
  • ampoules of 2 ml.

In a box with ampoules of Entomozan C or on vials, instructions for use are indicated, as well as all the necessary information about the drug. Before using Entomozan C, be sure to read the instructions in order to understand how to dilute it. The effectiveness of the remedy depends on this. You also need to pay attention

for the expiration date, because an expired medicine will not give the desired effect.Don't worry if the product accidentally spills on your skin. It does not irritate the skin, but if it gets into the eyes, they urgently need to be rinsed with plenty of water. For animals and humans, the drug is low-toxic. The product cannot be used on pregnant females and animals that are sick with infectious pathologies.

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Entomozan C instruction

Entomozan can help fight parasites in all animals that are in the household:

Treatment options for animals and the required dosage are predominantly dependent on the species. Diluting the concentrate, an aqueous solution is obtained, which is intended for bathing, wetting wool and leather, spraying. It is recommended that the treatment be carried out outdoors. It is desirable that its temperature be at least 18 degrees Celsius.

Special baths are used for bathing animals. The animal is immersed in them for about one minute. If the wetting method was chosen, then the solution is applied to the animal in stripes. The gaps between them should be about one centimeter. Spraying shows high efficiency. This is where you need a spray or spray bottle. Practice shows that regardless of the chosen processing method, this tool is ready to delight with excellent results. The choice of processing option is influenced not only by the type and size of the animal, but also by your personal preferences.

Features of use

An aqueous solution is prepared from Entomozan C. The emulsion is used for animals:

Depending on the type of animal, the optimal dosage is calculated, and body weight is also taken into account. A solution based on Entomosan is used for application to the skin, wool.

Processing is carried out without fail in the open air. If you are using a bath product, it is important to buy or make a separate bath. You can lubricate the skin all over the body. The choice of processing method in most cases depends on the individual preferences of the owner of the animal. The effectiveness of the drug is not reduced, whichever option is chosen.

How to breed Entomozan C

Before processing, it is necessary to dilute the emulsion in accordance with the instructions. For this, the drug is diluted in a ratio of one to two. The mixture must be thoroughly mixed for 15-20 minutes. After that, the drug is poured into a container, brought to the required volume, mixed well again. The concentration of the solution is 0.05%, suitable for poultry and pigs. To handle the rest of the animals, a concentration of 0.01% is required. The same dosage can be used when it is necessary to treat a room.

Quite often, after work, excess aqueous solution remains. They must be neutralized with slaked lime. After that, it is recommended to bury the mixture to a depth of at least one meter. Spray bottles and bathtubs with baking soda. After that, the container is thoroughly rinsed with water.

Methods for using aqueous solution

For spraying goats and sheep the consumption of the diluted drug is 3 liters per animal. You can also prepare a bathtub where each animal is placed for one minute. After the bath, the animals should be in a special area for some time to drain the remaining liquid. If the animal has recently been trimmed, you can process it after three days. The spraying method is used for cattle. For each individual, 2-4 liters of an aqueous solution are consumed. Pigs it is recommended to process twice. The interval between procedures should be 5 days.

For spraying horses 3-5 ml of water emulsion is used for each kilogram of weight. Farm poultry should be handled twice. The repeated procedure should be carried out after 8 days. One bird will need 15-30 ml of solution.

(Alternative video: Treatment of cows from flies and ticks)

Breeding rules

To make a treatment solution, an emulsion is first prepared. The optimal ratio of drug and water 1: 2... The solution must be shaken thoroughly and poured into a separate bottle. A concentration of 0.01% is suitable for pets.

The manufacturer indicated pigs, chickens and ducks as an exception. For their processing, an aqueous solution is used at a concentration of no higher than 0.05%. To carry out pest control of the room, the emulsion is diluted to 0.01%.

The residues of the product are neutralized with slaked lime. This is a prerequisite for using Entomosan solution. The remains must be buried in the ground to a depth of at least 1 meter. The container in which the animals bathed, the spray bottle and other bottles must be treated with soda ash (optimal concentration 5%). After applying it, you need to wait about 4 hours and rinse the items well with water.

Slaked lime deactivates the active ingredient "Entomozan"

How to breed for Dogs

Entomozan allows you to effectively remove parasites in dogs. Work must be done outdoors. Typically, a spray bottle is used here. In this case, care must be taken that the stream of solution does not fall into the mouth, eyes and nose of the animal. To prevent the dog from licking the water emulsion, a special collar must be used. For such processing, it is recommended to use 5-10 ml of an aqueous solution for each kilogram of weight. This procedure is repeated after two weeks. After processing, you need to make sure that the dog does not come into contact with other pets for half an hour. This is sufficient for the emulsion to dry completely. Contact of the animal with water should be avoided within three days.

How to breed Entomozan for treating cats

Treating cats is almost the same as treating dogs. Here, too, the product is applied using a spray bottle, preventing it from getting into the eyes, nose and mouth. It is also recommended to use a special collar for protection against licking. Entomozan can also be used to combat ear scabies. To do this, you need to drip 1 ml of an aqueous emulsion into each ear. In this case, you should fold the auricle and massage for a few seconds. This procedure is repeated after 10 days.

How to breed Entomozan for chickens

With minor infestation, there is no need to handle the bird. Here it is enough to carry out pest control of the chicken coop. For this, the drug is diluted with water in proportions of 1: 200. The room is processed with a spray gun. The consumption of the product should be 30-50 ml per 1 sq. M. In the event that the bird is severely affected, contact treatment can also be used. The drug is diluted in the same proportions. Each individual should take no more than 30 ml of solution. In case of severe infection, re-treatment is also necessary, which is carried out after 10 days.

general information

The drug is intended for the extermination of ectoparasites indoors, on animals, pastures and walks. Forms a stable, cloudy, whitish emulsion with water. The Russian-made drug is produced in ampoules, polyethylene bottles with a volume of 2, 50, 500 mm 3. The active substance of Entomazan C is cypermethrin. The drug is moderately harmful. Safe for warm-blooded animals if applied following instructions in the instructions. Poisonous to bees and fish. The shelf life is 3 years at a temperature of -10 ... + 25 ° C.

The working solution of Entomozan C is prepared before use according to the instructions for its use. Pre-determine the volume of liquid required for processing, the amount of Entomozan that must be added.The toxic chemical must be diluted in a small volume of water, mixed well, added to a container for processing, to achieve an even distribution of the drug. The working solution is diluted and used on the day of manufacture. Most often, a standard emulsion is used, containing 1 ml of Entomozan in 1 liter of water. The spent liquid is disposed of according to the requirements of SanPiN.

Entomozan for apartment processing

The drug Entomozan can be used for disinsection of livestock and living quarters. Before processing the premises, it must be prepared. For this, furniture is removed or moved aside, carpets are vacuumed, floors are washed. With the help of a spray gun, not only the floor is processed, but also the walls. The solution should be carefully applied to the corners, to the skirting boards, to the back of the furniture. After completing the procedure, you need to close the room. After an hour, it can be ventilated. Places that may come into contact with open areas of the body are thoroughly washed.

Human precautions

Entomozan is a potent drug, therefore, when working with it, it is recommended to take care of your own safety. If used incorrectly, there is a possibility of side effects:

  • itching;
  • rash;
  • pallor;
  • dizziness;
  • headache;
  • nausea and vomiting;
  • diarrhea;
  • weakness.

It is unacceptable to work without personal protection: respirator, gloves, trousers and long-sleeved clothing. It is prohibited to smoke, consume food and water during work. Work with the drug should last no more than six hours at a time.

In case of poisoning or various ailments, work immediately stops. In this case, it is recommended to breathe fresh air, rinse your mouth with a soda solution. Take activated charcoal at the rate of one tablet for every ten kilograms of weight. Drink plenty of fluids.

Drug price

In different regions, the cost of Entomozan may have some differences. On average, the price of a 500 ml bottle is 470 rubles. It is recommended to order the drug in online stores, since it is not possible to find it in all veterinary pharmacies.

Of course, today you can find cheaper products designed to remove fleas and other parasites from animals. However, practice shows that such processing does not give the desired results. The desire to save money leads to even greater costs, because in the end you still have to buy Entomozan.

In what cases is it used

The drug is used when ticks, lice, fleas, lice and feather lice appear on chickens. It also prevents flies, bedbugs, cockroaches, gnats and other insects that can harm chickens from breeding in the hen house.

It is important to fight parasites as soon as they appear:

  • Parasites cause serious inconvenience to birds.
  • When they appear in birds, irritation appears on the skin. They constantly scratch themselves and clean their feathers.
  • With a large number of parasites, birds become nervous and poorly gain weight.
  • These insects are carriers of dangerous diseases from which chickens can die.

Useful information about entomosan and other agents used for the treatment and prevention of animal diseases is described in the reference book of veterinary drugs.

There are many reviews of poultry farmers on the Internet who have used entomosan to kill parasites. Most farmers agree that the drug is very effective. It quickly destroys the most persistent insects.

  • One entomosan helped to cope with fleas and ticks in chickens.
  • The latter got rid of the feather lice, because of which the chickens practically stopped rushing.
  • The third helped to clear from bugs and cockroaches not only the chicken coop, but also the living quarters.

However, in order for the drug to be effective and not harm birds and people, it is necessary to process it strictly according to the instructions.

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Entomozan C for cats

Entomosan (Entomosanum) is a product designed to destroy all types of parasitic insects (ticks, fleas, lice, lice and other arthropods). For cats, Entomozan is used in the presence of symptoms of infection, as well as as a means of prevention. It has a long-lasting effect, has low toxicity, and does not irritate the cat's skin. The drug is produced by the Russian research and production association "FOX and Co".

Composition and principle of action

Entomosanum is packaged in 1 or 2 ml ampoules or 50 and 500 ml vials, and contains a 10 or 20% solution of an insect-acaricidal substance and auxiliary components that prolong its action and increase its effectiveness. Before using the product, it is brought to the desired concentration by mixing with water.

The drug is a liquid that, when mixed with water, forms a dispersed system. The active ingredient is the organic compound pyrethroid permethrin, which has a contact knockdown effect. It has a detrimental effect on insects immediately after use: in contact with any part of the insect's body, the compound of permethrin causes paralysis and rapid death in it.

Attention! Entomozan-S refers to drugs with an average degree of danger. It does not irritate intact skin, but it can cause burns to the mucous membranes, and if it enters the gastrointestinal tract, it can cause poisoning. Therefore, when working with this insecticide, you should use protective equipment (rubber gloves, mask). If Entomozan comes into contact with sensitive areas of the skin or mucous membranes, it must be washed off immediately with water.

Security measures

If a person does not follow simple precautions, various unforeseen situations can arise. In most cases, they are associated with the following vital systems in the body:

  1. Disruption of the functioning of the gastrointestinal tract. A person may experience bouts of nausea, vomiting, and soreness in the lower abdomen. Symptoms of diarrhea are common.
  2. Damage to the central nervous system. If improperly handled, headache, dizziness, general malaise and weakness in the limbs occur.
  3. The appearance of unpleasant symptoms on the skin. In most cases, this is redness of the skin, a rash.

If a person uses the emulsion correctly, observes all established dosages and precautions, then Entomozan will be safe for health. Personal protective equipment is mandatory. Treatment of animals, disinfestation of premises is carried out in rubber gloves.

It is important to wear a respirator, protective suit. When the procedure is over, clothes, personal protective equipment are removed and, if necessary, disposed of. Hands are washed thoroughly with soap, it is recommended to take a shower.

If symptoms of poisoning begin to appear, work must be stopped immediately. They go out into the fresh air, rinse the mouth with water with the addition of soda. Drink 2-3 glasses of water if needed. To eliminate clinical manifestations, they take activated charcoal based on their own body weight. If the state of health does not improve, you need to call an ambulance and go to the hospital for treatment.

In the process of processing an animal, a person is forbidden to smoke, consume alcoholic beverages or food. After the procedure, all work surfaces must be thoroughly washed using a soap solution. If you feel unwell, you must stop processing the room, stay in the fresh air. It is important to follow the instructions for use of Entomosan C exactly in order to avoid consequences for the body.


The restrictions on use are the cat's hypersensitivity to its components: itching, skin inflammation, rashes and other manifestations of allergies. Entomosan C should not be used for pregnant or lactating cats.

Entomozan C can be bought over-the-counter at specialist stores and veterinary pharmacies, and can also be ordered from an online pharmacy. The cost of a package depends on its volume, and in Russia on average is:

  • ampoule 2 ml - 30 ÷ 40 rubles,
  • bottle of 50 ml - 110 ÷ 140 rubles,
  • bottle of 500 ml - 600 ÷ 650 rubles.

The drug is stored in a dry place at room temperature, the shelf life is 36 months.

You can now view the current price of the drug and buy it right here:

Special instructions, storage, price

When processing mammals and birds, the following rules are followed:

  • weakened animals, puppy bitches and pregnant cats are not treated;
  • the waiting period for meat is 10 days;
  • milk is edible 12 hours after processing;
  • eggs are used without restrictions.

The cost of one ampoule of 2 ml is about 30 rubles, a bottle of 0.5 liters is about 600 rubles. Entomosan is stored in the manufacturer's packaging at a temperature of + 10 ... + 25 ° C, not exposed to sunlight. Expiration date - 36 months.

Owner reviews

Michael, the owner of the Mainkun cat:

“We have a private house, so the cat spends a lot of time outside. There were cases when our Red, walking in the yard, picked up fleas from relatives. He began to itch, and sometimes we found these insects in the cat's fur. An effective remedy was suggested by a veterinarian who is undergoing observation of our cat and a Labrador dog. We buy ampoules of Entomozan C at the pharmacy, and periodically treat the cat, dog and bedding on which they sleep with this insecticide. Usually, a single treatment is enough to forget about fleas for a couple of weeks. Basically, we are satisfied with this remedy, however, it is not a strong, but rather unpleasant smell, which lasts for several hours, interferes. "

Natalia, the owner of the lapdog:

“With the help of Entomozan C, I very quickly cured my dog ​​of ear scabies. This disease is caused by a microscopic mite, and animals suffer from itching, constantly comb their ears. I prepared an emulsion as described in the instructions, cleaned the dog's ears and carefully wiped the ears with a swab dipped in this emulsion. In order for the agent to get into the ear canal, the veterinarian recommended a couple of drops of the remaining solution to drip into the ears. The tool helped perfectly, it was enough to treat the ears only three times. "

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